Sunday, April 22

Long Time..No Blogging..!

QUICK NOTE: Well hasn't this been a long time? (if you count a week as long that is!). No posts for a while- I have been on holiday to Wales with my friend Casey (it was lovely btw!) and then i had lots of exams and revision to cope with, but now i am back, and better than before. So here is your special-edition long post on summery clothes and what not to make up for my absense. Love, Molly xox
Yes, it is that time again. Birds are warbling from thier nests and small animals are coming out of hibernation. The grass is greener, and the sun hotter. I must say i am in my element. Not that i hate winter, but as i have said before i despise having to layer up for the colder months. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Summer. A whole new wardrobe is required and whole new trends are discovered. Here is my personal look book for summer.
Hot List Trend 01 - Surfer Girl.
(Picture source: GLAMOUR magazine march 2007. Sorry for the poor picture quality, these were taken on my webcam as my scanner is broken!)
Yes, so as a.. erm.. lets say 'intermidiate' surfer myself, its only natural that i just LOVE this trend. Its all about casual cool, and tons of charm necklaces stuffed under chic silky scarves. Teemed with a tiny thigh skimmer skirt or hotpants and bag big enough to hold your kitchen sink, i think this look is going to be a big hit for summer. Im already obsessing over this 'Im with the band' top from Paul Smith [Picture 2]
But, if alike me you are a little out of pocket, try topshops scarves for a tenner over a plain vest. Join the surf crew!
Trend 02- House of Holland tee's.
You have to be very unfashionable or just plain out of your mind to not lust over a House of Holland t-shirt. They put the F on Fashion, the S on style. Ok you get it. These tops are big news and ive found a trillion high street alternatives. River Island has a 'Everyone needs to be loved' top which i need. [pictured below is a House of Holland Tee!]
Trend 03- Towering Heels.
Its the cousin of last summers wedges, the Mega-heel!! EVERYONE has these which kind of makes me want to rebel, but i do love these so they are worth talking about. But, sadly, i am weirdly tall for my age, so i think i will be forced to give these a miss anyways. But if you are under 5'6, please, give these a go. They tone your legs & bum and make you look effortlesly, tall, glam, and trendy. [Pictured below- Alberta Ferretti's take on mega heels.]
Trend 04- Glasses.
Reading ones- that is. Sexy, sultry and brainy- glasses have it all. Im so glad a celebrity has finally started advertising them, as i wear them and i get called a 'bof' just for putting them on. So thankyou SO much Kimberly Stewart, to you i am eternally grateful.
Trend 05- Tousled hair.
Because super maintenance is SO last year. Just dampen, twist into a bun and leave to dry. Instant perfection in half an hour.
[Below- Natural locks were a hit at Chloe]
Trend 06- Yellow.
Okay, so this one isn't for the faint hearted, but i j'adore it! Canary yellow is my new best friend, and it shows off a golden tan to perfection. Loves it.
Trend 07- Knee socks.
These are mega cute. A little school-girl pair of socks gone stylish, knee high socks are making a BIG comeback. They have been deemed the next leggings and the new footless tights. I suggest you snap yours up before they're all gone!!
[Below- Moschino works the socks]
Trend 08- Burberry rope
Ive gone all sailor chic with Burberry. They make it seem simple to throw on just about anything and look super cool. Here's an amazing Burberry Trench.
Have a nice summer y'all!


Tru said...

I usually where my contacts but Ido love my black framed glasses

Emma said...

hey, fun blog. there seems to be an influx of mollys with great blogs these days- ashcan rantings, etc.
want to exchange links?

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yeh i love house of holland t-shirts as well i will link you too :)

-ciao bella- said...

i love house of holland tshirts. they're so trendy. xx

coco said...

i actually adored that photo shoot
i kept it and put it on my wall

Anonymous said...

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