Saturday, May 12


=I am about to make a statement that may make me very unpopular. I LOVE LINDSAY! People always slate her and are always putting her down but i really like her. Shes young, and wants to have fun and should be allowed to do so. Yes, she makes mistakes but everyone does. And shes had a hard time at home. But what i really love about her is her style. She has that whole disheveled chic look going on that i find really cool. Her quirky attitude is perfectly matched to her rocky tees, and over-sized bags and shades. She accessorises fantastically, having armfuls of bangles and uber cute shoes. And since shes put on weight since her anorexia scare, she looks great. Here are my fave outfits from Lindsay Lohan. Picture credit to Sorry for taking off the tag, when i scaled them down they were too small to read!

1. Lindsay sports the 'rock chic' look. OMIGOD how i want those shoes.

2. Lindsay looks cool with an over-sized bag and trendy trilby

3. lindsay does contrasted chic in her oversized tee and tiny shorts

4. Li-lo Does rock chick again- this time with black flats and a leopard print bag

5. Lindsay works the boyfriend look in an oversized jumper and masculine shorts

6. This is my faveourite look. Lindsay goes for girly-chic in this ah-mazing kaftan and cool red platforms.

7. another great outfit, lindsay goes casual and simple with this great top & belt.


Just team together these peices from Topshop:

Shes officially my new style icon!


fashionista said...

omg me too! i love her look and her, frankly, but nobody else seems to share it! thanks for posting this. want to swap links? love the blog

Dilemma said...

I don't like Lindsay as a person/role model, and I do hate to admit this but I do love her style most of the time too!

Mrs Fashion said...

I'm not a huge fan of her style (although she looks pretty cool most of the time) but I'd love to be friends with her - she looks like a real blast!
Mrs F x

-ciao bella- said...

It's not that I don't like Lindsay- it's just that I am so sick of her because I hear about her everyday! But I'll say that you picked out some damn cute outfits. Maybe next time she can remember her underwear? (btw what was up with that whole coke-snorting business? prank or for real?)

coco said...

i love her style
and im sure shes a nice enough girl but sometimes she annoys me cos she sets out to get attention
but she dresses so well
even debbie harry said she was her style icon

Emma said...

i don't really LOVE lindsay, but i don't dislike her and i pity her because she's too young and cute to be so screwed up.

Tru said...

she;s okay...not crazy abtou her as a person but she does have good style most of the time

-ciao bella- said...

hmm the coke snorting thing- well check out the article here- sorry just copy and paste b/c for some reason i can't make links in posts (?)

yeah it's pretty pathetic in my opinion but whatever.

Mash said...

I don't like Lindsay but I love her style of clothes

rollergirl said...

Ugh she's dreadful. She doesn't even have a signature style...pure fashion victim!

MzCoko said...

i saw those shoes she had on today while browsing today actually... if i remember the site I found them on I'll let u know.. and nice blog.. first time here