Thursday, June 7

Hot Summer Wardrobe!!

Im back!! Had a lovely holiday, thanks for all your lovely messages- very much appreciated! Hope you all like the new layout.. thought it was in need of a change!! Well, as you all know its summer, and soon it will be vacation time! So i have put together a perfect summer wardrobe, for all budgets. All clothes are from TopShop, and all under £50 an item!! 1. A good pair of Jeans. I reccomend a white/grey skinny jean, as they are very versatile and look more up to date.
2. Then invest in some good quality vest tops. These ones are good, come in alot of colours, the right length, and there is a great 2 for £9 offer on them!.

(£6 or 2 for £9)

3.Some great lightweight bottoms. I suggest a skirt and shorts as they are good staples and the shorts can be easily recreated by cutting up old jeans! And dont you love this skirt? Ra-ra skirts are so cool, and this one has something ballerina-ish about it, and i just love it (wear with care though- strictly black/white camisole on top!)!

(shorts £22, skirt £30)

4. Some prettier tops!

(£20, £16)

5. Some great shoes! I recomend one pair of flat sandals, and one pair of high heels. Everyone is going mad over gladiator sandals, and do like them, but be careful with them or you'll risk looking too manly! I prefer sandals like these, which seem more dainty and come in a range of cool colours. (£12, £50)

6. And of course, a cool bikini & bag

(£24. £50) Have a lovely, fashionable summer everyone!!


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the pink skirt

Tru said...

lovely post and great items

Mrs Fashion said...

Great new look!
Mrs F x

Alison said...

the shorts look totally awesome!

I love the new layout too, gray is hotttt

Mash said...

your new layout is great :) I love the tops .

Jennifer said...

loving everything you picked out especially the skinnies!

coco said...

i love those white jeans
theyre so cute