Monday, October 8

Sister Sister

Aah, we meet again. And hasnt it been a long time? Now rather than boring you half to death with my long paragraph about how i WILL update my blog more often, i have an excuse. YES, i was tired, and YES i probably shouldnt have been bad, but anyways i WAS bad, and was computer banned for a week. A WEEK. Not even at the weekends. Dear oh dear...
[I PROMISE this will be the last time i leave it this long before blogging. And you can hold me to that =)]
Well, you see in my computer ban, it left me plenty (and i mean plenty) of time to read magazines. Flicking through the glossy pages, i see the regular style queens, Mischa, Kimberly [Stewart], Mary-Kate, Paris and co. flaunting the latest designer wear and it left me to think..
If these girls look so damn good.. surely it must run in the family!
So, like a dog to a bone, i reasearched the family links of the young, rich and famous [YRFs], and my, the result was magnificent. Who'd have thought that you could become a fashion icon just by being related to a YRF. Heres my pic of the best [fashionable] Sisters of the celebrity world:
In at number three, i give you:

Hania Barton!! Sister, of course, of Mischa. Reasons for choice: LOVE the tights.. and the peace necklace. So chic <3

Then at number two..

Ruby Stewart, sister of Kimberly, daughter of Rod. Reasons for choice: Gorge silk dress, sleek hair & angelic headband? Yes please.

And number one, best sister of a YRF goes to..

Savannah Miller, sister of Sienna.. Reasons for choice: LOVE the dress so much.. and teemed with black tights, knee high leather boots, tousled waves and glittery clutch.. i believe a new style icon is born.

Fashion most definatey runs in the family ;)



Miss Woo said...

ooh cute blog. love the header and the orange background!

Kimblerly Stuart is looking nice these days, and I love her sister's dress!

Jennifer said...

Ruby looks so cute in that dress!

Moose on the Loose said...

I love savannah miller. nice post.

mareGa said...

Savannah is by all means, my weapon of choice. But Hania?...

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love the stewart sisters and i love his father, one of the greatest musicians and performer of all times..

Jennifer said...

thanks for the tips, yeah I've definitely thought of wearing boots with the mexican dress I think it's a good pair!

Queen of Preen said...

Just stopping by to say,
I like your blog! :)


M said...

beautiful girls, but no love for mk and ash? I guess they get enough exposure anyways. And I'd love to trade links! glad to you back to blogging world!

penelope said...

mischa and hania all the way!! but rachel and her sister are so so cute tgt too=p though she's a lil young. hha!

penelope said...

haha!! thanks for d comment! glad u loved the interviews!! lol! i'll try to do more of these and come up wif better concepts=p


Anonymous said...

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