Tuesday, February 26

Big vs. Small.

Well, what a lovely surprise to come back to my blog with 31 comments! I believe that is my record for 3 days? :) Mum is back from la paris, empty handed on the gifts-for-molly front, but then bought me the floral skirt i wanted from Zara! Also whilst staying at my friends we went to see Juno. I've heard from other bloggers/critics/general people that its amazing- i personally didnt think it was THAT good, but i guess thats just down to my rubbish taste in films and music. Thanks everyone for the comments on my fashion democracy post, this is the deciding bit where i post examples and link up all the teams ect. ect. I think this IS going to become a regular [once a fornight or something] as it has worked quite well! Let me know what you think. Heres the teams: Team A: Big Bags. From big and deep orange at Vivienne Westwood Red Label... To £120 pounds in Topshop. Why I love them:

-They can carry school books, magazines, a whole wardrobes worth of clothes.. you name it, it'll fit. -They have that cool-celebrity thing. If you look at someone with a really nice big bag, you instantly rate them better dressed.

Why i dont like them:

-They're getting RIDICUOUSLY expensive. Who wants to pay £120 on a bag from TOPSHOP!?

-They can make you look like a WAG. [wives and girlfriends of footballers :)] -They can REALLY hurt your arms and shoulders if you are carrying alot.

On the team: atelier, The Clothes Horse, Miss Woo, yanaiswasted, hannah, millicent, maru, Lauren, jayne, Fashion Tidbits, gill, Taylor, Poppycock Thoughts Blogger, WEiRDO, soph n terr, alluretone, Emma, molly, Jen (MahaloFashion) , coco, Wendy, Oyinkan, carina.

Votes: 23

Team B

Small Bags. From splashes of colour at Allesandro Dell'Acqua... To £30 at Topshop... Why i love them... -They look super stylish with anything, and with a strap leaves you handsfree.

-They make sure you dont overpack and stop you from bringing home too much junk.

Why i dont like them...

-They simply dont carry enough.

Team members:Emma, aschlee, miss milki.

Votes: 3.

I must say i agree with a few bloggers such as The Redheaded Bandit and bronwyn saying that medium sized tote bags are the way forward, as i usually carry a tote to school.

So it seems we have a clear winner.. the big bag! Although i must admit i am begining to prefer the smaller option- it does look chic.

Have a nice day everyone,

Molly xo.


millicent said...

i love that word. WAG. haha

Anonymous said...

this is a fun feature, definitely continue it! btw did you get my comment on the previous post about GSCEs and A-levels?

Gloria said...

i like both, but the big bag more for its functionality.

Wendy said...

I find that I carry bigger bags more than small ones.

hannah said...

i love this post. im thinking i might need a team big bag jersey or tshirt.

i was thinking about it, and i even like the big cluches more than the small ones. i guess, the bigger the better...when i come to bags.

B.licious said...

i am obsessed with big bags but i agree with every point you made!

Anonymous said...

woah i had to read over the GSCE explanation twice to make sense of it haha, either way does sound like a total pain in the ass as i put it beforehand. so the way i understand it- you have to choose some subjects and then you must take math, english etc.? and what's the whole SAT thing?

the american education system is TOTALLY different! for the most part you take your classes in highschool- math, english, history, science, maybe a few art & music courses, but then in junior year (aka your 3rd year of highschool) things get a lot more complicated. in some schools you can take AP courses (advanced placement courses) where if you're good a certain subject you can take a class whose whole goal is just to prepare you for a standardized test that tests on you on everything peice of knowledge from the subject- for example I'm taking an AP statistics and AP french test. the results can help you skip certain requirements in college. but the real torture is the SAT or ACT- i dunno if they are the same SAT you have, but it's a gaint standardized test with a reading comprehension section, a writing section (an essay and grammar questions), and math. it's all multiple choice, but very hard and your score is very important for colleges. it's horrendous, a huge waste of time and effort- because unfortunately the SAT doesn't show how hard you can work, but just how good you're at taking tests in the first place- so people like me who put effort in but aren't natural test takers are screwed over whereas students who may never work in their life can ace it. colleges are finally starting to realize this so they're not focusing on the SAT/ACT as much, but it'll probably never disappear.

Ediot said...

yup. big bags are better. fits more stuff..

Ediot said...

yup. big bags are better. fits more stuff..

la petite fashionista said...

I haveee to use a big bag. i just cant fit all my stuff into a teeny clutch unless thats the option im forced with :)


Fashion Tidbits said...

you mustn't think that you have rubbish taste in movies! no way! it's all relative~

Lauren said...

I like the fashion democracy idea, you should definitely keep going with this!

carina said...

i love BIG bags!!

Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

I love big bags; when ever I go out I leave with a massive bag with a purse and phone, when I come back with it full. I guess that why I’m a self confessed shopperholic.

discothequechic said...

I know, what's happened with Topshop prices in general, is what I want to know.
I swear about four year ago and further back they were fairly reasonably priced; more expensive than h and m, but still possible to go in with £13 or so and pick up something nice without it being in the sale...

I blame Philip Green for the recession! ha..

ps, I'm a big bag all the way! I carry around way to much shit to cram into a clutch!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

sorry that your mom didn't come back with much but hey you got your skirt.
I liked juno but I can see why it wasn't for everybody's taste!

atelier said...

I prefer bigger ones for every day, to carry all the Uni stuff and so, and then small ones to go out. So interesting your reasons why.

Andy said...

I don't really what to say, it depends on the look, the style and the outfit. but i think a small bag like a clutch is better when you're going out and big messy bags are my life ! loool.

Shalini said...

i like both, big bags are functional for day, but small bags are a night time staple


....I lovely bags, j´adore post!!!!

Anonymous said...

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