Saturday, March 29

As i've said before [1stb'daypost] i never really pay attention to the beautiful catwalk people. [However, according to many designers, models are not meant to make any expression at all in thier faces so that people notice the clothes not them. (Unless your Stella M. and have the great revelation to let models smile.) So maybe i'm just playing into the designer's hands] Although, even if i did notice faces, im hopeless with names so i probably wouldnt remember any, especially not long exotic names that most seem to have these days. But, as my fashion knowledge is growing [slowly...] i decided to provide you [and me] with a model referance of a few new faces of the fashion world and some pictures and other bits i can find out about them.
Siri Tollerod
Age: 19

Agency: Trump

Hometown: Norway

Signed since 16 Siri decided to finish college first [beauty and brains!] and so started modelling as a career in summer 2007. [something i'm sure most girls would like to do.]

Since being signed, shes starred in an extroadinary 60 shows this season alone, many with major fashion houses such as dior, mcqueen [lucky girl...], Feretti, Prada and Louis Vuitton. She also has starred in ads for Pepe, DKNY and more, and in magazines such as Vogue UK, Italy, and Paris and Lula. She's gorgeous but is mostly known for her 'pout' and long legs.


Masha Tyelna

Age: 18

Hometown: Ukraine

Agency: Women

Masha has been dubbed 'the alien beauty' with her enourmous eyes [which make her come across with a mixture of scared/shocked expression at times] However, she is an alternate beauty and someone i'm sure even I would be unlikely to forget.

She's been featured in Italy Vogue along with Agyness Deyn, and has been seen on the catwalk for Prada, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, DKNY, Vera Wang, Jil Sander, ChloƩ, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Out of all the models i've reviewed- she's the main lady to watch.


Toni Garrn
Age: 17

Hometown: Germany

Agency: Storm [probably THE best agency in the universe]

Toni signed with woman managment in 2007, and later signed to the prestigious STORM agency. She has been featured in numerous ads and editorials, such as ELLE & ELLE italy, Glamour, French Vogue, and CK.

Her big break into the modelling world is when Calvin Klein exclusivley booked her for the opening and finishing act of his 2008 show, which is a HUGE deal as supermodels Moss & Vodianova both became 'super' following being a CK exclusive. Big things must follow, and i'm going to be watching.
Newcoming models are suprisingly hard to find, but i'll keep searching, and if i find any more i'll let you know.
Have a good evening,

Molly xo.


Adele said...

Heyy Molly! Greatt Post! Siri Tollerod is amazingly beautiful :) you should be a model your georgous!

I actually read your comment about effies episode before i actually saw the episode! so it didnt make much sence but ive watched it now and your totally right... im happy it wasnt just effie... I love Skins but I do prefere the first series... i think this years its abit to unreal.. uno what i mean! You see the advert for next week!! Chris in hospital!x

Wendy said...

Siri is so gorgeous and Toni too. But Masha still scares me.

Fashion Tidbits said...

nice post!

ChiliLady said...

you picked 3 outstanding and interesting models - thanks for introducion them to us!

ChiliLady said...

hey me again! Thanks for your lovely comments!^^ I already linked you to my perverted blog ;-)
thank you, you're awesome!

Carolina Lange said...

Siri Tollerod is so beautiful!
Yes, I would love to trade links!

e.jay said...

Masha freaks me out, but Siri's one of my fave's. What about Jordan Dunn? Isn't she a newcomer? Or not?

Seraphine said...

I love that you mention "alternate beauty" because, really, we all want to put a face on somebody. Faces are, after all, how most of us recognise one another. The eyes are the window to the soul, they say.
The good model is able to keep her face under control (not exactly expressionless) while still able to show some of her soul on the catwalk. Ideally. When the industry says they are looking for a new face, what they are really saying is they want someone who can express something human and wonderful with their face, even when they are 'expressionless'.
Very interesting and thoughtful post, Molly.

Anonymous said...

who siri is so pretty, and nice she finished highschool first or umm college haha, that one model with the eyes is almost frightening i will admit, but def unique haha

i cannot believe you ran into amy winehouse! woah! i didn't see anyone while i was in cambridge haha

i'm very much oblidged to provide you with another "novel" on my vacation, next comment

Anonymous said...

i just got back from a week of lazing around in St. Martin. it's a half french half dutch colony that located near the uber celeb infested island of St. Barths, but st. martin is more lowkey and less well known, which is fine with me because this means it retains its own culture as opposed to it being polluted by McDonalds haha. we stay on the french side technically, but just down the hill is the dutch side, so its really easy access. the french side is more rustic and it really feels like you're "getting away" with its nude beaches & patisieries. the dutch side is bit more flashy- more casinos and such, but slightly better upkeep. basically, every day i would sleep in, eat a pasty my dad brought back for breakfast (lovely pear tarts & cream puffs), go to the beach- where i would read, swim, get sunburnt (haha), and order pizza from the little oceanside restaurant. then at night we'd get back and clean up and go out for dinner. in marigot (the main french town) they have a lot similar restaurants on marina- they're kinda all variations of a traditional french menu w/ crepes, fench onion soup, steaks, but good. there are a few upscale restaurants spread throughout the island, but most are simple, but savoury, and much better than the typical lame seafood-only island fare. the shopping itself is pretty much nil. there is some in marigot, and philipsburg (the dutch town), but its mostly jewelry and boring designers, plus they hustle you b/c all the vendors believe you're on a cruise ship thats only visting for the day so they only one chance to sell to you ugh. i tend to avoid shopping, and stay back @ the house we rent and read. it basically a laidback vacation to recover from lack of sun and sleep. and it definitely was a good remedy!

Secretista said...

suree let's exchange links!!

I toni's got great bone structure!! I HATE THEM ALL FOR BEING BEAUTIFUL!

is it normal for an agency to ask for money for my head shots?

Aisha said...

Awesome post!

I love Siri, she's like the cutest thing ever and she's only 19...

Sure I'd love to trade links, I've already added you.

Romany said...

Masha has the most enormous eyes I have EVER seen on a person...No wonder she's a model - she would get signed from that feature alone, lol.
Oh my, Toni Garrn is stunning!
Great post - keep it coming! :)
p.s. I would love to exchange links! :)


Siri Tollerod is so amazingly beautiful. i love her pale skin! ill be looking foward to seeing her during fashion shows! and thanks for your comment.. i would have applied to central st. martins, but i just took notice to the school last month- and its too late now. but you shoul definitly aooly there- so many great designers have come out of there


Masha's eyes are killer-kinda like the new jess stam eys-only scarier and 20 times bigger..:)
[[good post, btw]]

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey great post and thanks for visiting. Would u like to link up?

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm a bit of a model addict, but that is in editorials. On the catwalk, I don't want them to call attention to themselves--it should be all about the clothes.

Teresa said...

Oooh my fave is Siri! She is so gorgeous. And Masha...those are some rather large set of eyes.

Ross&Jenny said...

Interesting idea. Masha is amazing.

Cate said...

siri is beautiful! but masha scares the hell out of me!!! wow! and toni looks better with her hair open instead of pulled back.

coco said...

I think Masha is so ugly
I really don't like her as a model
She looks ill!

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear!

so many great things here:

1st: you are so beautiful, i saw your picture here, so amazing face you have!!!!

2nd: that models are so exotic and unique, i think, in fashion world, they prefer too so many great and unique faces...i like different people...

3rd: that video of tyra banks, isn´t it?, doind some scary faces is so funny!!!!
enjoy it a lot :)

a kiss and a hug, thanks for passing and please, keep in touch,


kirsty said...

i never really notice models either, apart from the ones that are always in the 'make up' sections of magazines. this is a great post though. i guess a model is meant to be able to show her personality whilst remaining neutral, pretty hard task!

molly said...

its so interesting to see how model beauty differs SO MUCH from everyday beauty

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Masha scares me I don't think I like her much. Toni is really gorgeous she has a unique look.

Thank you for sharing these!

Jill said...

I just mentioned Masha Tyelna yesterday, haha, great minds think alike. I'd love to link up!

Addison said...

that first model is BEAUTIFUL!!

kirsty said...

ah and to reply to your post: yes i saw effies skins episode, i really like effy! she is so naturally beautiful. did you see tonights skins? was extremely shocking at the end. also, i am going to be adding a links section later this week, so i would love to exchange links with you, thank you so much for asking! xx

Aisha said...

Oh, by the way, don't forget to add me to your links whenever you have some spare time (;

I already did.

SKYLA said...

I have to say the other models are lovely but Mascha scares me. Last night I got freaked out by something and i suddenly had an image of her face in my mind. It did not help matters. lol.

stilettostetico said...

Siri Tollerod is simply Astonishing !!! Fantastic "Porcelain-Beauty", full of Delicacy, of mesmerizing Serenity . . .
I want to be Hypnotized by Miss Tollerod !!!

Cordially, Antoine

Anonymous said...

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vogued out!!! said...

Omg Toni Garn has amazing skin. porceline perfection.