Sunday, March 9

It seems strange that almost a year ago i was fresh-faced to blogging. I was young, knew only thew basics of the internet, but still had the same passion for all things fashion.
But, here we are, a year on and i've finally come to grips with the world of blogging. I've changed layouts, met people and learned a hell of alot about fashion. So, to celebrate the era of fashionyou that has passed, i've not only got new features, and a new layout [do you like it?] but i'm also counting down my favourites of everything fashion from 2007 to Spring 2008.

Stella McCartney
It had to be her really. I found it such a struggle to choose between her and McQueen, but i chose her for her effortless elegance. I REALLY want her beige jumpsuit from Febuary Vogue UK.

Agyness Deyn
This was a tricky one as i usually don't pay much attention to models, but i've always liked Agyness' non-model looks. Her striking looks are gorgeous, and after winning Model of The Year she's been seen everywhere. I particualy like seeing her and Henry Holland together because I do love a fashion related friendship.

I buy pretty much all of my clothing from here as it is so diffrent to other stores around. [And its cheap!] It's got some really great coloured peices which makes a contrast from the catwalks dull hues.

It always has been and probably always will be Vogue. It's the ultimate fashion magazine and the most highly regarded in the fashion industry. All my friends don't like it's endless advertisments, but i love everything about it.
And as a personal celebration, i'm going to go to my local shop and by this month's issue. Victoria Beckham is on the cover- [Brand Beckam seems to have spread to the magazines- Next stop is world domination.]
Have a nice evening everyone.
Molly xo.


carina said...

I LOVE Stella McCartney!!

Anonymous said...

well i'm glad you were able to make sense of my long confusing expanation of the american education system haha

congrats on the 1 year anniversary, cannot wait to see what's next!

love stella McCartney

i know what you mean about agyness deyn- i love her even though normally models do nothing for me. she just brings this energy and individuality to the runways!

H&M is awesome, unfortunately it tends to be a bit better in England than it is in America :( ours is such a mess, but the one in cambridge is rather nice :)

Ediot said...

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and congrats with your 1 year anniversary., - Street style & romance in Paris said...

thank you Molly

i had a great Paris fashion week

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Gloria said...

happy anniversary! It's always hard to believe so much time has passed by.

ps. I'd love to exchange links with you. :)

lalaliu said...

YAY for your one year anniversay!!

miss_vogue said...

you're completely spot-on about ALL of this!
im in love with your blog.

bronwyn said...

Cool post and happy first blogging birthday! I would love to swap links:)

Lauren said...

happy blog birthday! you're really doing a great job with your blog, I love reading it.

bigglassesgirl said...

happy one year! Have you seen the video of victoria shooting the cover? You should check it out


happy number 1!

millicent said...

i agree with you on the nicole richie-sunglasses thing, she probably has a sunglass-lined wall in her closet. which i'd love to raid.

stella mccartney has always been a favorite of mine, but i haven't really looked at her fall collection yet. sad, huh?

Belle said...

happy anniversary!<3 and aggy is super pro,those pictures are great of her.

yeah i'd love to link.=]

Romany said...

Ooh I never saw you're other layout but so far I'm loving this one. When it comes to blogging, as far as I'm concerned, simplicity is key.
This is a really entertaining post, you should write more of your favourite things. What about fashionable movie? Tv show? The list goes on...
Stella is one of my designer idols and Vogue is and always will be the Bible. Nice picks. :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

congrats on an awesome year!
of course i'd love to trade links! i've already added you!

ChiliLady said...

Of course we can exchange links! i'm realy happy you asked me!

kirsty said...

Oh I love your new layout, and the 'awards' you have given out. Just generally loving your blog. Yes the english weather is dreadful it is time for spring to come! I heard we are meant to have the worst storm in a year today... hopefully that won't happen though. x

B.licious said...

Happy 1 Year!!

alluretone said...

i should really go and check H&M out sometime.. i always pass it but never bother!

Jill said...

Agyness is everywhere & I agree with the H&M choice.

coco said...

In think Agyness looks so much better with dark hair
I know blonde is her look, but see looks way better darker

coco said...

oh also happy birthday hee hee

Aisha said...

Happy blog anniversary!
oh... Stella MCCartney, so cute. Wish we had h&m here, everytime i look at their stuff i wish it even more =L

Lovely blog

hannah said...

great choices. stella mcartney is incredible, i would definatly consider her one of my favs as well. and i hear so many great things about h and m, but i have yet to set foot in one. we dont have any where i live, but i must check it out sometime. happy 1st birthday fashionyou!

and thank you for wanting to exchange links. at the moment i dont display links on my blog, but if i get around to doing so you will definatly be on the list. your blog is really one of my favorites, i love it.

The Clothes Horse said...

Congrats on the one year! I adore H&M, they need to build one right next to me.

Tinsley said...

i love the new look of your blog - stella was my favourite as well
she always gets it right

Kira Fashion said...


Thanks so much for passing at my blog, your blog is so cool and of course, i am adding you to my friends, if you wanna too, add me too :)

i love stella´s new adds, she is really talented and cool :)

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch!


NonchalantMod said...

I really like your picks especially Stella and your layout is very pretty..

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Congrats on one year!
I love your new layout, it's fresh and very chic your blog has come a long way. Keep going xoxo

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

vic beck is amazing in the cover of the vogue

Mister Ghost said...

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Adele said...

noway yourve been blogging a year! congrats on continuing! haha im still new to blogger... i started the begining of 08 and ive learnt so much already! Agyness Deyn is great! and her accent is cool haha!

Yeah i saw the Michelle episode!! did you see Chris's!! Chris is my fav charater from the start! hes so amazing lolx

jadorevogue said...

I so agree with you. I thought Stella's fall collecton was amazing, I loved it. And I can't for the H&M spring/summer line to come in stores and see it with my own eyes.

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary! I love your blog!

Jello on Springs said...

I'd love to trade links, sorry it took me so long to respond. Hoorah for the 1 year blog anniversary.

Kira Fashion said...

you are in mu links of the day!

a kiss and a hug,


molly said...

oooh congrats on the anniversary!
many more to come, i hope

i loove H&M, dont have it where i live but when i was in europe i died of joy

yes yes we are the coolest bloggers =D