Monday, April 14

For anyone who has read my blog recently, [or for that matter just stumbled upon it] you will have pretty much gathered that i am not a big fan of designer/celebrity collaborations. I believe that the designers should stick to the high end, and the high street, well, to the high street!So when i read about print-based label Marimekko's collision with high street giant [and personal favourite] shop h&m, i couldn't help but to be optimistic. And later, when an opening email from the shop itself landed in my inbox, i was pleasantly suprised by the delightful illustrations created for the line.

But, later when i had purchased my monthly style bible, Vogue, i read the mini mag [did anyone catch it? i do love my mini-mags] which was in association with h&m and was presented with images from the new collaboration. I was startled by the intensity of the prints clashed together with the heavy jewels and a menagerie of paint-like makeup. It was all very unusual and 'editorial' and seemed rather dissapointing [even though the pictures were striking, and beautiful.], and looked unwearable. [Sorry for the bad quality- yet again scanners' acting up.]
However, after checking the website for more details, i can ensure you that the collaboration is not as bad as i have described it. The pretty smock dresses and tunic tops are all very 60's and overall, very pleasing. I would certainly wear some of the items, which consist of the prints "Keidas (art nouveau swirl), Linssi (diagonal swirl), Petrooli (red rimmed red spot) and Jonas, (a black spider-like swirl)".
My favourite peice is probably the shift dresses which [if you look on the website] come in a variety of gorgeous prints from Marimekko. Its altogether a nice line, daring, yet simple for everyday wear.
Note: Agh. Why am i making this remark? Because my computer crashed with a virus last week so I haven't been able to post. Also, all my coursework was lost except the few peices i had saved at school. I am NOT a happy bunny. Im guessing this post is a little late [try a week late] but i am sorry, and i promise i will return to regular posting.
Im trying my best to reply to comments, im really sorry! :)

Also- For the anonymous comment:

Have a good day everyone,

Molly xo.


Anonymous said...

hmm i'm not sure if i like this one. the shift truly is the best out of all of it, but the rest of the designs are kinda unflattering smocks in really LOUD prints, ugg

i'm so sorry that you lost your course work! that sounds awful, especially since you've told me 1000x how much time & effort it takes :( good luck!

because im addicted said...

i cant wait to check it out live and in person!

Seraphine said...

I'm so glad for the color.
It's spring, and the
dingy/drab grays
and browns and muted days
of winter are soon behind us.

I'm sorry a virus
lost your schoolwork. It's bad
to explain a bug ate your
homework, even worse to
have to go back and redo.

Pamela said...

The colours are lovely but none of it's really that wearable. I usually am disappointed by collaborations though, probably because it's impossible to get your hands on the good stuff!

Ross&Jenny said...

I have seen the black and whire print in a maxi dress at my local H&M. I want it but not sure if I'm brave enough.

molly said...

i like this! seems fun!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm not usually into big prints. But I can't wait to try these on.

Natty said...

I must admit I am not that keen seeing these items in the store. The quality is not that good at all and the shape of the dresses is quite unflattering. A shame really as the illustrations were cute and did make me quite excited to see the range.

SICK. said...

i find it all looks better in real life.
i was just at h&m two days ago, and there was a bathing suit similar to the black & white one, except it was orange & pink and a bit different.
it was my favourite.


JuliAM said...

i was just at h&m this weekend and i saw the pieces in the window but not in the store (unless i'm blind which i kind of am, ha). hmmm, sold out? no...

enc said...

These are cool and compelling. Fun and bright, and I can't wait to see them in action.

Debbie Shiamay said...

Im all for bold prints... and sadly we dont have a h&m in malaysia which is so sucky... gasp. But im a big-print girl and this post really rocks!

atelier said...

I am totally in love with Marimekko at the moment (probably after seeing Manolo's-Marimekko lovely shoes!). I hope H&M is offering the collection also in Spain!!! I don't see my blog on your scroll:S; probably it's just me, because I'm a mess for these things!

Cate said...

the pictures from the minimag look stunning, but, you're right, pretty unwearable.
but the tunic tops sure are wearable and wow i want one! though i normally avoid h&m. i just hope they will sell these pieces in germany and in the city i live in too, because so far i've only heard of this collaboration from abroad.

and i'm really sorry about your computer crashing with a virus! that's horrible! do you have an antivirus programme?

bronwyn said...

Sorry about your computer problems...and losing your work, very frustrating and annoying!

Romany said...

Cute collection - anything 60s is alright by me. ;)
Oh I had no idea you were from the's my dream to live over there one day, but right now it's a little out of reach, lol.
I like the top left pic - the red spotty dress looks amazing, although I can't really see it too well. Lol.

Fashion Tidbits said...

my fave pieces are the swim suits! none of the others are pulling at my heartstrings

fashion addict said...

hey! I really love your blog and I hope I can make a blog one day that's nice like yours! I was wondering if you would like to link up with my blog. I know you're busy, but stop by my blog when you have the chance!

Benedicte said...

I'm not quite sure if the Marimekko clothes is what I'll spend my money on, maybe =/

coco said...

I was in H&M today and I was looking at this collection
I cannot decide whether or not I like it! I think the prints are nice but on the cheap fabrics they look a little yucky!
It needs to be on a silk I think!
The colours however are stunning!

kirsty said...

i'm not really sure about this collection, i think it's the designs and the shapes of the garments rather than the prints. and i agree, don't really like designers doing high street things. isn't that what the high street is anyway, a toned down version of the catwalk?

Kira Fashion said...


so nice patterns, i adore that kind of colours, so summer and happy is coming in UK ;)

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for your friendship,


e.jay said...

I would love to trade links, it's already done! Oh, and I like everything on the bottom row...the top row, not so much.

Jill said...

I like the shifts, they are simple and nice, but for some reason I thought there would be more variety. All the same there are some nice pieces.
Sounds terrible about the course work, hope you get everything fixed soon!

hannah said...

looks lovely. i wish i had an handm near me. they first swimsuit is amazing.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

It's a little bright and hard to wear you have to have confidence! I think it's a beautiful collection, the swimsuits are the best!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

i absolutely love love love the colors.

Héloïse J. said...

i really like this prints byt i think they're quite conservative(!) i mean that i could easily imagine them on a crazy old american lady! (if u know what i mean).

-thank u thank u for your love(ly) comment :)

couture gal said...

heya, it couture gal from You said you would add me to your link list but i cant see it up there?

kirsty said...

i have just got round to adding links to my blog now, so can we swap links? cheers!

Carolina Lange said...

I like it! I'll have to check it out!

Design Bitch said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Nothing in the collection seems wearable, not to me anyway. BTW, Love that Tyra widget - hilarious!

Paris said...

Yes I agree with you here, a little too much for me. The illustrations are lovely though! xx

Anonymous said...


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