Wednesday, March 28

Anna Hindmarch Bag.. For a fiver!!

It almost kills me to say this but.. yes. Its true. Anna Hindmarch has released a pocket money price bag that even suits the arms of Lily Cole. The stylish new bag says on it "Im NOT a plastic Bag!" and will soon come in green & blue. The bag is 100% enviromentally friendly, and this 'it' bag will help promote this. At the moment, it has only been released in selected Anna Hindmarch stores, and there were cues for days for the new bag. 500 of these beauties were given out at london fashion week to VIP's and Celebs, and has been seen on the likes of Erin O'connor and models Robin K and Ben Grimes. They seem to be too good to be true, and they can be used as re-usable plastic bags and cool handbags & shoppers aswell. Well girls, want one? There going to be released in Sainsburys from April. Get down there!

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