Thursday, April 5

Prada Madness

Just when i finally thought the world had come to its senses after the D&G Motorola Razr Frenzy.. look what just happened to come out. The New Prada LG. Yes, girls there is another designer clad handset for us to lust after without the faintest hope of getting it. The Prada LG KE850 has been described as "a real breakthrough in the industry, as it is a unique, sophisticated and elegant mobile phone with the first complete advanced touch interface" by, and comes complete with no keyboard, which allows buyers to succesfully type and control the phone via the touch-type screen. It also has colour screen, 2 mega pixel camera, video, Triband, radio, games, is USB compatible, has bluetooth, flash camera, email, multimedia MP3 & 4 studio and even a cool leather jacket. And thats only the begining of its chic featurettes that will make this phone even more desirable. Alas, the price tag is predicted to be hefty, and if you, like me would like to lay your paws ont this peice of stylish equipment, i suggest you start saving now!


Bobble Bee said...

Great review!
Thanks for linking my blog and welcome to the world of fashion blogging

Fashion Critic said...

It is still an LG phone and even if they called it a Gucci phone I will always stay true to my Nokia

fashionista said...

ridiculous....but i want it =]

Shewriteswithphotography said...

Thats the LG Shine right? Or I just say somthing stupid? I think its a great phone :D.