Sunday, April 8

Fashion Update

NEW TOPSHOP & KATE MOSS PICS Just before i update may i please apologise for the layout of this post- unsightly but at least the pics are up. If you can remember, i recentley posted on the Kate Moss range. And as soon as i did, out came these pictures. I must admit, i am a little let down by this array of outfits because their not exactly unique, but it does look like something Moss would wear. Get ready for the shop dash ladies!! Summers here- and out comes the folk trend. Last summer was a disaster to me. It was the whole gypsy-style look, and although this looked okay- it wasnt exactly me. For as any fashionista will tell you, you either show the legs or the breasts.. not both. And not exactly being among the buxom clan.. i felt a little put down. For one of last years hottest looks was the gypsy skirt. It was long, flowing, and showed no trace of leg. So instead, i paraded around in a full cover-it-all-up top and skirt which made me feel very un-feminine, and very un-sexy. But this year, it seems the world of fashion has spun in my favour. Its still the same folkish, gypsy-ish style, but this time in the version of micro minis. Everyone seems to be wearing this dress (left) and i must say, it looks rather dashing. Girls wore it over leggings, tights, jeans, or as it is summery at the moment, bare legged. And didnt they all look fantastic? To me showing of your boobs can look somewhat tarty, but it seems that this new trend looks classy, but still alluring to the male species. So follow my advice- get a folk style dress and be along the leggy this season.

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