Monday, April 9

Do It Yourself Fashion

It was a lovley easter this year. I went round my cousins for dinner and me and my cousin, Em, (who very much like myself) has a passion for all things stylish, designed a bag each. These bags are from, and we decorated them with their fabric pens. I must say, i am rather pleased with the end product, and i designed it around the Uber chic House Of Holland tee's that so many shops are copying. 'Keep 'em keen Jellybean' was my chosen statement for the bag, and I think it looks rather hot :)
Then, later, still on my creative streak, i dug up some of my old white crops and turned them into a hot new trend, the roll up shorts. All it needed was rolling up and a few stitches along the sides to hold it in place. It just shows that you dont need money to get a whole new look! Below are my before and after pics. (please excuse my manky knees)

Quite inventive i think you'll find.


-ciao bella- said...

absolutely brilliant- i wish i was that crafty...sometimes I try to do similar stuff but I get so fed up and just end up buying it xx

Mrs Fashion said...

Hey Molly, Cute blog - and cute shorts!
Thanks for the link.
Mrs Fashion x

emily said...

its my bag!
(the cousin!)