Friday, March 23

Peacocks Re-lives!

How gorgeous is the peacocks spring/summer collection? Extremely gorgeous thats how much. I absoloutely love thier new stuff, especially the black smock top & pink tights in this pic! (roughly £20 for the whole outfit) It used to be so tacky but i was so suprised when casually browsing through the shops in my local town.. I found that in a jam-packed peacocks there was some lovely peices for tiny prices. They covered many of the new trends from the catwalk and had some absoloutely amazing bags and jewellery that looked like it had been sent straight off chanel's shelves. I have my eye on the orange tunic (above) with the flowers on.. perfect for wearing with my new hotpants and tights!
Well.. let the rush to peacocks begin!

1 comment:

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