Sunday, March 18


Its official- i am turning into Paris Hilton! Looking for a pair of earrings in New Look, when in the sale shelves were a showcase of gloriously cheap & cute collars for dogs. My own dog Gus, a jack Russel cross, wasn't exactly chihuahua status, but i couldn't resist the adorable pink leather and diamante clasp collar, which even on a male dog such as mine would look somewhat co-ordinated with my wardrobe full of pink clothing. Then, thinking about saving my poor dog from identity crisis, bought him a rather chav-tastic Gold Digger collar in the colour of the season, gold! I must confess, the little dog-booties were also rather cute, but knowing my dogs digging habits, would be scraps in a matter of seconds. Much to my delight, the collars also came with some de-tatchable charms that made it easy not only to customise my dogs collar, but also my charm bracelets. Then, at the check-out as the lady at the till told me they were all sold out and they were only producing them for bigger stores, i went on the hunt for the designer style doggy bling. Luckily, i found that accesorise stock a lovely range of dog clothes and accessories, for a higher price, but by the looks of it, at slightly better quality and design. Remember- you dont have to be a celebrity to stylise your dog!

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