Saturday, June 23

Step up

Being alone and bored, i decided to rent out 'Step Up'. My friends have all seen it and told me to watch it, so thats what I did! It was quite good, the story of a gangster-on-comunity-service and a general-posh-totty-dancer trying to make the most of a dance rehearsel. But the thing that hit me the most was how good the leading lady (Jenna Dewen) looked. Yeah, her style was kinda hip-hop, and leggings are kinda getting old but hey, i loved it!! Here are some pictures of her at her best:

This post is really quite rubbish as i cant find any pictures, but im going to publish it anyways because im tired and need my sleep haha.

Oh yeah.. i accidently deleted my links list, and can only remember some of the blogs i linked, so if you were one of them just let me know and i will put you back on.


Shewriteswithphotography said...

Hey new friend haha :p. I must see the film also only it do not comes of it haha. And thanks for the link :D.


Shewriteswithphotography said...

Do you've got myspace? :D


Mrs Fashion said...

ME! I was on your links list and would love to come back!
Mrs F x

Shewriteswithphotography said...

I add you at myspace :D!

bye xox

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

u linked me!

fashionistakay said...

I like the second pic down. Its so flowy.

dusk&summer said...

those are great :)

Bella said...

You asked to link a long time this is late but i just linked you :)...and about Step Up, after I saw it i took a dance class so i could look as cool as her in her little dance outfits...hehe

Lucy-Jane said...

I have seen this twice now.
I agree she looks fabulous (most of the time), really makes me want to wear leggings and leotards, but the leadng man is so anoying. He mutters, you can barely hear what he's saying. It's sort of like the classic dance movie, but the dance at the end really isn't that spectacular. Have you seen "take the lead"?
She's in that too.
I was going to tag you but you seem to have already been tagged....I'm running out of people here.

Emma said...

Oh dear. That movie did not sit well with me. But Tanning Chatum or whatever his name is is somewhat sexy in a Neanderthal way.

Anonymous said...

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