Sunday, July 15

Fashionyou's Newsflash.

Im such a bad person. I commit myself to writing to this blog, and i have just been so lazy i havent posted for ages. So to make it up, i'm writing what hopefully will be an interesting post.
News Topic 1: Holidays. Over the pond here in England, it barely feels like Autumn as we havent had more than 5 minuites of sunshine. So its only natural i am extremely excited. I am going on 3 holidays, one to newforest, one to france (2 weeks! YESS!) and another to a sports camp. I will need new stuff for this, so here is my capsual wardrobe for each.


Something tells me i'll be hitting the shops!!


News Topic 2: Video of the month and my inspiration

In what will probably seem a feeble attempt to re-vamp Fashionyou, i have chosen a video of the month, and have decided to re-do my inspiration bit. This months video is Amanda Lear- Fashion pack. Incredibly cheesy but amusing.

My inspiration this month is definately surfing. An amazing sport, a great lifestyle, and 3 weeks untill i join the surfers!! Here is a great picture from the billabong S/S ads.

Thanks for reading!



E-MILY said...

ive tagged you! hope u dont mind :) check my blog for more info

Bella said...

I used to made me feel very cool indeed and it is very inspiring...and your summer camp thinging made me think that i need to start organizing for camp....o gosh..and those blue wayfarers, 2nd time i've seen them...2nd time i've loved them ;)

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love to surf and i love the holiday wardrobe

Lama Drama said...

hey great post - link exchange possibly? i love topshop, i always say that i wish they had one in ny!

la petite fashionista said...

surfing is my absolute favorite thing in the world. i dont get to do it nearly enough.
cute outfits for your holiday! (i love that english people say that, thats so much more fun than vacation<3)

Alison said...

ahh holidays :) don't you just love them?

From Lily With Love said...

I love TopShop! I got a really cute pink bag there last week.

Emma said...

Ah, TopShop. It is high time for the powers that be to open up an NYC branch.

Tru said...

lovley post as usual

Aisha said...

Wish i could surf , but i'm too scared to do it.

Loved the outfits, they're simple but so nice (=


Moose on the Loose said...

Have fun in France!

miss fashion said...

mm i love your blog!
check mine out!

Shewriteswithphotography said...

Great post, love the clothes! And we still love surfing hihi :D.. Couple weeks ago I also was in France and get surfing :D it was awesome! Next year im gonna go to Mimizan in France and gonna surf for the whole week :D!

Bye xox

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