Tuesday, January 29

The Chronicles of Bagdom.

I was tagged a while ago by the lovely Lauren of A Black Tie Event, and therefore i have been asked to list the contents of my bag. This however is not easy, as if i went on about every detail i would be here all night [well isn't that what big bags were invented for?]. So, here is the cut down version of whats in my bag. Enjoy!

Of the four bags i own, this is the one that i use the most. Its big, boxy and unusual and is big enough for even my art folders. I got it from Topshop ages ago but i still use it all the time.

Out of the whole of my bags, this is the stuff that i need the most. Its My school planner, Umbrella [for typically unpredictable English weather], Permanently empty David & Goliath Purse, Specs, Phone, Half broken Digicam, Woolly gloves, selection of pens and my cupcake diary. This is the stuff that i have to exchange from bag to bag, along with my keys which i forgot to put in the picture.

Less important but still useful things. My sketch book, reciepts, Post-its, vaseline, Trashy magazines, Loose change, a variety of lipglosses and balms, deoderant & Nail polish. The last thing is a belt which i always carry for those times when theres a really nice top/dress/coat and i wonder whether it would look better with a belt. I like this one cos its simple and goes with most things.

This final section features books from several of my bags, just to make me look extra-specialy intelligent. Firstly, Gossip Girl, Mints, Hairbrushes & bands, Pride & prejudice, pencils, make-up, ipod and some really nice books my nan bought me.

Have a nice day everyone! =] Molly xo.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Our bags are very similar, I bring my life with me everywhere I go!

Oyinkan said...

Lol! My sis always takes the piss and says that my bag is like mary poppins' handbag because i carry so much around with me! You never know what you're gonna need out on the road.

Carrying a waist belt is a very clever idea actually!

Wendy said...

You're bag has the coolest pattern! And I'd love to exchange links.

penelope said...

ooh mr. darcy!!
haha loev yr cupcakes notebook and yr flurry pen!! i have something like that too! but i;m just too much of a coward to bring them out! hahah

coco said...

Gossip girl is a great read
Look magazine is not! I cannot stand it! But then I am loyal to Grazia!

Kat said...

Oh cool bag, god there's something so satisfying about seeing whats in other peoples's bags!! Perhaps i'm just too nosy!
I would love to trade links:-) I actually live in Ireland hence the rainy weather lol!!

The Clothes Horse said...

This is always a fun tag, to see what everyone is toteing around.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is my first time reading your blog, and i should've started sooner, you're awesome :) would you like to trade links?

that bag really does hold everything- no bag is complete without both deoderent and pride and prejudice haha ;)

oh and i was super excited to see on your profile that you're from cambridge! although i'm american, i studied in cambridge (@ corpus christi specifically) this summer for a month. we must chat about it! what do you do for fun there? favorite places to eat? no seriously i'm actually fascinated for some reason, it would be cool to discuss cambridge w/ a local

molly said...

youre very prepared :)

Anonymous said...

i definitely hit up the H&M when I was in Cambridge. H&M is 10x better in england than it is un the US- then again the only H&M near me is shoved into the Mall of America and there's barely any room for the zillions of cheap, but chic clothes, it's such a mess, I get totally deterred from ever shopping there, whereas at the one in cambridge i found a really simple blue cotton dress and a vest (finally!). when i was in cambridge i also scoured topshop about 5 times, the office, miss selfridges etc. although it does kinda suck that there's no primark in cambridge b/c they have a lot of really really cheap, but awesome finds (i found one in oxford). as for the eating- well when i was there we tried out a lot of the chains (pizza express, waggamama, EAT, cornwall pasty company, neros, and well starbucks- which is technically an American coffee chain, but way better in the UK- you guys offer more food and better drinks hehe). I also loved this little cafe that was literally right underneath my dorm @ corpus christi- it's called cafe benet (they have good panins and mochas). but that was just what i happened to find within a month there. also there are those food vans that are in the middle of the square (the night-life van and another one)- they make good cheese fries haha, especially when nothing else is open! seriously, i was shocked at how early everything closes in the UK. but that's ok, b/c i adore england! :)

sorry you had to read my soliloquy on food in cambridge lol, it's just cool to discuss (or natter? was that your word? that is beyond awesome brit slang) it with someone who lives there!

Cee-Cee said...

i always carry a million things everywhere i go and by the end of the day my back is sore!

Anonymous said...

i took a study aborad program through ASA, an American company that specializes in summer study programs all throughout US and European universities. i could've gone to oxford, but i chose cambridge- it sounded more quaint (which it was :) and had a smaller group of people (40 kids, half American, half european). we chose our courses (i did shakespeare and brit pop culture) and took them with cambridge profs. it took place at corpus christi- one of the cambridge colleges- it's right next to Kings college. so we stayed in the dorms over the Eagle (the 500 yr old pub) it was rather loud haha. i did it in july of 07, right during all of the harry potter hype hehe, it was kinda awesome.

Lauren said...

I love that bag. And Gossip Girl :)

Kimmy Ismail@John Abdullah said...

it's good when i found out ihad fun reading your blog and i love the gossip girl novel, i has read it and it was awesome

Anonymous said...

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