Friday, February 1

New York = Chic.

It seems like just yesterday it was autumn, and yet already we are embracing the new. has just got in pictures from New York Fashion Week and being the fast-moving fashionista i am, [ or am trying to be :) ] have posted them and left comments on new trends ect., so that you're all fully prepped on the new season fashion. RACHEL ROY This whole collection was very pretty indeed. She showed alot of layering and ethnic-ness[?] in ivory which combined reminded me slightly of Pocahontas & the Native American Indians. She also showed alot of detail and textures, such as beautiful orange silks and feathered necklaces. My favourite looks were the cardies with the belts and the little feathered corsages. Overall appeal: 7/10. A nice collection, although not all of it would be wearable.


Stretching the tension between hard and delicate seems to be one thing designers really like to do, and Tahali's line was no exception. Her line which consisted of soft wools, furs, satins and velvet slouchy tailoring mixed with long leather gloves [yes, they're still in for '08!] and patent belts with black tights looked all very similar, yet still very appealing.

Overall Appeal: 8/10. This is a line of looks that i would wear myself thats young and cool!


This collection i actually LOVED. The whole geek-chic look was really appealing in the warm colours and the slouchy tailoring is a look that i will always like.

Overall appeal: 9/10. A great first impression on the designer.

Well, thats all for now.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Molly xo.


coco said...

LOVE the black Elie Tahari dress so chic!

Anonymous said...

ooo interesting, you picked designers i actually haven't been hearing a lot about recently, i like roy- good colors

yes, i am american :) i'm from Minnesota- known for: being extremly cold, Prince (the singer), The Coen Brothers films (ie Fargo, No Country for Old Men), F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of the "Great Gatsby"), and embarassing accents haha. though i would prefer to live somewhere else actually- like Chicago, NYC, DC, or Boston. or england actually hehe, for some reason i'm totally obsessed. harry potter, coldplay, tea, what's not to like!? haha although i will admit i didn't find peanutbutter while i was in england, do you not have it?

molly said...

loved your comments, and adored with them mostly!

molly said...

agreed! i meant agreed, not adored haha
but i do adore your blog!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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Kat said...

I agree, the Band of Outsiders collection looks very wearable yet still cool. I just love the whole preppy blazers and slouchy trouser look.

fashionistakay said...

geek chic is sweet! whether or not i could pull it off is a whole other ordeal.

Wendy said...

I love the Band of Outsiders collection because of the its sexy without actually revealing anything.

Miss Woo said...

Simply having a label called Band of Outsiders is enough to make me wanna splurge all my money!

coco said...

yeah I'll add you into my links!

bronwyn said...

Nice choices, the Roy collection was very interesting, I loved the colours. I also quite liked the Vera Wang and Yigal Azrouel collections.

Anonymous said...

oo i love elie tahari's. nice picks!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Darling i've linked you back.

The Redheaded Bandit said...

wow! Time flys when ur having fun (oh ya, skool)!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love fashion shows. Very good ratings.

molly said...

im kind of liking the black lipstick on the first collection...not something id ever wear personally, but it works with the look

Camilla said...

Band of outsiders and Tahali's colelctions are fantastic. I love them both. Nice blog you have here btw, linking you :)

Anonymous said...