Monday, February 4

New York = Chic ROUND 2!

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year by posting on all things fashion. So you can imagine my suprise [and regret] when around 30 new catwalk pictures landed in my inbox. Dont get me wrong, i love my blog and i love the shows, but reviewing each one is becoming somewhat tedious. So, here is your very own part 2 of the New York Fashion Week guides. ERIN FETHERSON
I must say, i am a massive fan of Erins work, so when i heard she was showing a collection at NYFW, i was a bit excited. But this show was a bit too much of a jumble for me. They were gorgeous clothes, but i didn't see how the trends fitted together. The first looks were very floral, topped with black blazers, jackets and coats. Then came a dash of tartan and then silks, my favourite part, the funky bell shaped dressed, and then the finale of the white lord-of-the-ring-esque dresses. It was beautiful, but a little un-organised.
OVERALL APPEAL: 6/10. I was looking for the grown-up look from last season, but was a little dissapointing for me.

To be honest, i don't know exactly how to classify this collection. Its what im going to call 'MutedFuturistic'. It showed a very sharp, bold cut and the return of the cape-coat. It also featured high necklines and below the knee hemlines, with a darker version of the designers favourite, florals. An odd collection, not exactly to my taste, but still nice to look at.

OVERALL APPEAL: 5/10. Not too sure what i make of this one.


Now this i loved. DVF has gone down the road of what i like to call 'industrial'. Its all very WomanPower-ish, showing alot of pretty gowns/fabrics/prints underneath business like coats and thin tan belts. It was the whole boyish trick that designers do so well. A very pleasing collection.

OVERALL APPEAL: 8/10. Very pretty collection.

Now, thats your lot on New York fashion Week '08, as Milan and Paris are soon to come! Stay tune dear bloggers, i have a very intresting post for you that i have been planning for quite some while that will be posted in late March.

Love to you all, Molly xo.


bigglassesgirl said...

I think my favorite show so far has been threeasfour.

Lauren said...

I was dissapointed by the Erin Fetherston show as well, I loved her last one and this one was really confusing to me, it didn't seem cohesive at all.

Anonymous said...

ooo DVF is amazing, and i'm not usually a fan

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to ask, but mentioned how tesco sells peanutbutter, where is there a tesco in cambridge? which part of town do you live near?

Wendy said...

DVF never ceases to amaze me!

bronwyn said...

I like the way DVF has used belts over open jerseys in her collection.

Elisabeth said...

I can imagine all these reviews to be tedious - but you do it so well!

Loving DVF.

Anonymous said...

that's cool you're comfortably close to cambridge, but not directly in it. i know what you mean because i live in a suburb of minneapolis/st. paul, so basically i can get anywhere in 20 mn :). what do you do for fun in cambridge?

The Clothes Horse said...

I love Fashion week and I still have so many shows to look at. I'd be happy to trade links.

molly said...

i love your reviews but dont feel pressured to post them!
id be happy with a post on ANYTHING, the way you write is so captivating

discothequechic said...

Jonathan Saunders, I love you!

Anonymous said...

hehe i really like what you said about me being your link to america :), well you're my insider to cambridge, it's rather fun actually

i actually am aware of a few of the spots you mentioned. we went to jesus green a few times (it's totally different that the american conception of park- ours are larger, but meant for hiking, biking, not fun haha), I also went bowling, but i cannot bowl either haha. and of course i did some shopping too. i didn't realize there was a skating rink, that would've been fun, but oh well.

well see the great thing about minneapolis/st. paul is that it truly is a large metropolitan area which virtually everything to do so here's what you can do: see films (there is at least 1 theater 10mn away from me), see plays (we have world famous theater here- MN gets a lot of broadway and we have a prestigious theater called the guthrie to which the royal shakespeare company came this fall), we also have too very good art museums- the minneapolis institute of art which is more classic and the walker-totally modern and a bit bizarre, we have the mall of america- america's largest mall- it has an amusement park in it, shopping, movie theather, everything!!! haha, we have a lot of malls everywhere and also some streets that have cute shopping, good restaurants, a few ice rinks, sports teams, and a ton of lakes (10,000 actually in the entire state- 2 in my tiny neighborhood alone- so yea people do a ton of boating, swimming, etc.)

but what i actually do: see a lot of movies, eat out, and shop haha (occasional concerts, theater, and art), but i'm pretty lowkey

Anonymous said...