Friday, February 8

Fashion in art.. or Art in Fashion?

I've been intrested in art since i was about 5. Sure, then i was drawing more Cinderella-as-a-stick-man than Van Gough, but still, i found it exciting. Many years [and countless pictures] later, im majoring in art. Anyways, i've been asked to produce a peice of artwork for my examination on an artist or a style of art. So far i've got to this stage:

Which is basically nothing. I've been undecided on what art form to do until i came across a book at school called 'Illustrating Fashion'. Its not so much about designing the clothes or anything like that, its about the way you portray or 'advertise' the clothes to show what you think fashion is.

I cant decide what to call my project yet, it will either be:
  • Art in Fashion
  • Fashion in Art
  • Fashion Illustration
But if you have any other ideas let me know.

I also really like this artist:

Who calls herself 'Coco'. Her designs are really pretty and i will probably use her as my modern artist within my project.

So im in desperate need of anything to include in the project as i really need good grades for this one.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Molly xo.


The Clothes Horse said...

I love fashion illustration and we do not see it enough--and I mean illustrations, not sketches of clothes. Whatever you choose to do it sounds like a fun project.

jadorevogue said...

I'd love to exchange links.
Hope you liked the nomination :)

Emma said...

I love sketching my own fashion line and have a portfolio full of them... I've taken 3 fashion design classes and I recently have been inspired by andy warhol mabye you should use shome of him pop art I know he drew shoes they might workout into the whole idea.

coco said...

you should look at Gladys Perint Palmer my favourite fashion illustrator

Anonymous said...

factory girl was only ok- on one hand it had amazing fashion and stellar performances from guy pearce as andy and obviously sienna, but the film itself wasn't too structured and slightly rambling

btw, did you get my comment about the (now that i think about it) apparently 4000 things to do in Minnesota haha?