Wednesday, February 13

Awarded? ME?

This is my first ever award :)
I don't think i've been this excited about an award since i was 10 and came second in a running race! Which may sound totally sad, but i really do put alot of time and effort into this blog, and it's always nice to get something back! Anyways, i was given it by the wonderful J'adore Vogue and these is the rules i have to bide by:
If you get tagged you have to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and then you have to put a link to THIS post so people can find out where it all started. Finally, just in case you want (optional), you can display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote in one of your sidebars.
And i have to awnser some questions about Fashionyou, which i must say i very much enjoyed!:
What’s the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?
To be honest i actually don't know. It's one of those things that just kind of popped into my head. You could write it in an equation:
[Fashionising] FASHION + [readers] YOU = Fashionyou.
And i squished the words together just to make it look nice :)
Why did you started blogging in the first place?
Well.. i read about Stylebubble in TeenVogue aaaages ago and have always loved fashion, so i thought why not? So i signed up to blogger and hey presto, here we are!
What has been your best blogging experience? What about the worst?
I absolutely love finding ideas for posts.. and all the lovely people i've talked to. There hasnt really been any bad experiances to be honest, and i hope there never will!
What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?
I'm hoping i will continue this blog, as i do dearly love it. I'm also going to try to keep up with the fashion weeks.. [which i am miserably failing at! :)] And just really making it the best possible!
I now have to nominate 5 bloggers.. so i chose some of my favourites:
Well, enjoy the awards.. and have a nice week everyone :)
Molly xo.


coco said...

well done!
you deserve it your blog is really good!!!

Anonymous said...

yes it is always amazing to recieve a blogger award :) it makes you feel appreciated, i have actually laready recieved this award, but thanks again for picking me!

about our various comments about thinks to do in cambridge/minneapolis- it's always funny how when you really sit down to think about it, there are 4000 things you could do in your home town, but really you only do like 2 things haha. overall though we're not too different, i mean honestly the only major differences i noted this summer:

-places close super early (in the us we actually have fastfood open until 2am!)
-you don't use a lot of ice in drinks (haha)
-some american chains in the uk such as borders and starbucks are actually better in the uk, well in my opinion haha- overall your cafes serve more food :)
- people are really scary drivers haha
- peanut butter is really really hard to find lol

there are obvioulsy even more differences, i'll send em over if i happen to remember, btw sorry that nearly every other line ended in haha

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

woot woot
you deserve it, your blog is awesome!
Congrats on your award!

Luna said...

You totally deserve it!


Luna said...

I'd love to exhange links. Your blog is fantastic!

addicted said...


The Redheaded Bandit said...

wow!!!! I feel so honored!!!! I've never had an award bwfore thank u !!!!!!

Wendy said...

Congratulations on the award!

Tinsley said...

congratulations! you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

congrats hun!

M said...

congrats!! and thanks so much! my first award too!

molly said...

oooh thank you SO much for the award! ive never received a thinking bloggers award before and ive secretly always coveted it, it seems like the best one
you definitely deserve it!

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