Sunday, February 17

The Shining Lights Of London

Perhaps its the fact that im so ridicuously small towned that taking me to london is like placing a kid in a sweet shop. Or maybe its just cos i love the place.
On Friday, my mum and I went on a trip to London. It was very busy, partly because it was the last day of London Fashion Week, but i didn't mind too much because the whole city was crammed to the brim of fabuously dressed people.
[How cute are these girls? But they must have been cold- I was in three jumpers and a coat when i went into London! Pictures: Facehunter]
I had half hoped to join these people, however failing to book tickets to the shows only ended in me pleading with the ticket man outside the barriers. Ah well, theres always next year.
So, feeling a little dissapointed, i stumbled across the V&A museum. I've been a couple of times to see the Kylie Exhibition with my friends, but have never been there alone. The couture exhibition i had heard about had recently closed, so i took the time to go to the fashion through the ages exhibition. It wasn't quite the London fashion week experiance i had been expecting to spend my day doing, but it was rather intresting. Anyways, i had to sketch some pictures for my Fashion Illustration project, so i took one of the collapsable stools [how handy are they?] and spend the day drawing.
Heres some of my work, please excuse the roughness of them [i didnt have a rubber] and the quality of the photos [my camera broke so i used my phone.]:
1954 Jean Desses, Paris
Womans Riding jacket 1750-60.
Chloe dress, 2006 [i think]. The bag next to it was really cool too.
Just a few more pictures. The left it Karl Lagerfeld, Piano Dress, And the other was made of Bra's. HOW COOL? Very is the answer to that one!
Have a nice day everyone.
Molly xo.


Anonymous said...

wow i'm jealous-

1- i adore london
2- i missed the V&A and that exhibit looks so amazing! glad someone got to experience it! i guess i'll just live vicariously through you hehe

you asked about chicago and i am happy to oblidge in telling you absolutely everything and anything about it (i really like this whole idea that i'm your little window to america and you're mine to britain :)

chicago is a convenient hour plane flight away from minnesota, which means that despite how i prefer NYC (who doesn't!?) it's much easier and profitable to travel to the windy city. chicago still certainly feels like going away though- since chicago isn't nearly half as old as say NYC or Boston there are a lot more skyscrapers than traditional classic buildings, it's almost abrasive, you step out the hotel door and wham! it's the hancock building haha, also just because illinois is technically a midwestern state doesn't mean the calm friendly demeanor is there too, well actually some of the sales people were nicer than usual, but the pedestrians on the street definitely were a bit rude. that didn't stop me from doing some hardcore shopping haha! ;) i feel almost guilty, because although i was only there for 2 days i only really shopped (and had tea with my mom at a fancy hotel- the drake) and did not one educational thing whatsoever haha. but then again, shopping can be rather cultural b/c when you go to museums do you really interact with the locals? haha no, well that's my lame theory and i'm sticking to it! ;) we went down michigan ave (which is famously called "the magnificent mile"- of purely shopping- every major chain and dept store) my favorite department stores are neiman marcus and barneys because they have really good presentation. half of the dept stores (particularly saks fifth avenue) make shopping for the "cheap" designer items such a headache, that the store almost seems to snobbishly say that if you're not willing to spend $10,000 on a dress (likely $5000 pounds) then you're not worth a good display :(, but luckily everything is gorgeous at neimans and barneys no matter what price its at. i also browsed through some of my favorite european chains which are only good in big cities- like H&M and FCUK (i really love the one in the middle of cambridge). then there's also this wealthy neighborhood called lincoln park, which has really good boutique shopping, i had fun there.

when you're not shopping chicago has a lot more to do- like the art museum (which i went to last year- it has some famous paintings like the george sarat pointilism in the park peice, or american gothic the famous painting of the old farm couple where he's holding the pitchfork, it's spoofed a lot), navy peir (which is better in the summer) because its a little amusement park, there's a lot of big sports teams- chicago bulls (basketball) chicago cubs (baseball) etc. and also chicago is right on lake michigan (one of the 5 great lakes, they're all located in the upper midwest, the largest, coldest, and most dangerous is lake superior- part of it is in northern MN).

well as if this comment isn't already a novel haha, let me know if you wanna know anything else about chicago. i've been there 3 times and i am applying to a college there- northwestern. hope this wasn't a bore

Wendy said...

I want to visit London but probably won't be able to until after high school. Did you buy anything?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've never been to london but I'm hoping to finally visit in september.
I want to see all these well dressed people you are talking about!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, that chloe dress is my dream wedding dress (if i could afford something as that). I love those facehunter pictures, what fabulous style :D

discothequechic said...

Oh God, No!

I hate to burst your bubble, honestly, but those girls were on Big brother (called Sam and Amanda) and are the most annoying girls! They are barely recognisable as clearly somebody has hired them a very good stylist.

Oh, why. I can't believe these idios managed to scab a place at FW!

What is the world coming to?

I apologise, rant over! Heh..

fashionistakay said...

That Chloe dress blows my mind,and London?How exciting?!
p.s.check out my blog sometime!

NonchalantMod said...

those girls are fabulously dressed although yes, they are from big brother..

annah said...

ahhh i love the V&A! wherere you from? did you catch the golden age of couture?

i've only been to Cornwall a couple of times..this time was for an interview for Falmouth art college to do Foundation (: is that what you want to do at St, Martins?
i wish i'd applied to London universities.
I'm hoping to do Illustration afterwards,but i'm not 100% sure...


Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

Wow so good that you love sketching, keep it up, because most uni’s love that.

I was always intending to the v&a, but I guess I’ve missed it all together now, damn. Anyway its true what they say procrastination is the thief of life, its good you look like you had a grand time.

And I cant believe samanda look so great, I guess pink is out for them, no

yanaiswasted said...

i adore the chloe dress, it looks like form the 20's.
although i wouldn't like the coulour on any other thing, it suits pretty well to the cut.
i never stummbled across your blog, so i'm happy you commented because i really like it.

the iron chic said...

I lived in London once but was too poor to shop.....

Luna said...

Wow, all the dresses are beautiful.

I've linked you now btw ;-)

Miss Woo said...

I was just going to make the comment on the BB twins but Stevie has already mentioned it. Quite shocking what a good stylist can do!

On the other hand, love the V&A too, I can spend hours in it.

bigglassesgirl said...

It's always a treat when someone writes about V&A. Never an uninteresting moment there.

Lauren said...

Nice drawings. I would love to go to London someday.

miss milki said...

Hi molly! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'd love to exchange links. I'm adding you right now!

You'd never know from looking at the picture of those BB girls that it was Feb...I'm surprised their legs haven't turned blue!

bronwyn said...

London sounds soooo exciting, I'm hoping to be able to visit later this year. I saw the picture of those two girls on facehunter, and my first thought was "aren't they cold wearing that in the middle of a UK winter?"

stilettostetico said...

The two "fashionistas" are simply Refreshing : slightly acid, pulpous Style . . . "StreetStyle" or the quintessence of REALcreative GLAMOUR !!!

Cordially "from France", Antoine

alluretone said...

mm i love the piano dress by karl

millicent said...

i would love to go to london, but i'd definitely pile on layers, those girls must be freezing!!

fashionistakay said...

oh absolutely, i'll exchange links with u.

Taylor said...

a dress made out of bras? who would of thought..


STYLE M.O.B said...


Ediot said...

im jealous too! i love london- and all it has to give.

la petite fashionista said...

how lovely your drawings are! I went to V&A while i was in london over the summer and pored over the same exhibit. That chloe dress you photographed was one of my favorites. I'm in the same boat as you as being invite-less for fashion week.. maybe someday :D

STYLE M.O.B said...

thanks for the comment!

i got the bag at goodwill actually , it was only like 7 bucks!

STYLE M.O.B said...

hey i was browsing through style diarys

and i came across this girls diary randomly and it had a picture of u so i thought i would let u know

Anonymous said...

i saw that exhibiton at the v&A, it was fabulous! & the original fashion area of the museum has some lovely pieces. i love the piano dress. xxx

Anonymous said...

this is probably the most boring comment

doing an art project on the karl lagerfeld piano dress, possibly email me info on it?

thankkks xx

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